About us

Picture perfect, video production.

Our team and process are both designed to give you the best video production experience both during and after production.

Our secret

Making your video project a 'reel success'

At VIDEO \ HOUSE, we understand the power of emotion in video production. That's why we strive to embed emotion in every video we produce. From the script writing process to the final edits, we work to create a sense of connection and engagement with your viewers.

By harnessing the power of emotion, we aim to create videos that not only inform and educate, but also inspire and motivate.

In-house Production Facilites

All of our production is done in-house and not outsourced.

Dedicated and Creative

A dedicated creative team to help bring your vision to life.

Our experience

We shoot... for the stars.

With not much more than a small desk and a borrowed kitchen chair, our beginnings were humble, but the vision to change the way stories are told through video was big.

We may have grown since those days, but our love for story telling has remained a core part of why we do what we do.

Now, this would be a perfect time to add lots of video production mumbo-jumbo about how we’re able to create incredible video solutions that deliver amazing results.

But put simply, we dig deep to get to know your business and project goals so we can tell your story. Our passion and years of experience does the rest.


We’ve built a team of story tellers who love working on contemporary, emotive and thought provoking video productions. The way we develop and execute ideas translates into videos that build meaningful connections with your audience


Through careful planning and attention to detail we produce video that has impact. We spend the time upfront to understand our clients’ values, challenges and needs. This deep understanding of our clients enables us to nail a brief.


To Provide Professional
Video and Audio Production without the extra JARGON and COSTS.

Ryan Benton
Creative Director / Lead DOP
Ira Benton
Production Manager / Accounts
Location Retriever
Let's make something awesome together.